The 2021 bull sale will be held on the Friday 2nd of July. This will be a HYBRID sale, held on farm and online via bidr. Any questions about this please ask.

Another desperately dry summer for us here in the North, compounded on the last two years of dry, it was pretty awful. A lack of feed and creeks drying up in October made things very difficult. We culled half our mob of bulls at the end of January as we couldn't feed them.

We were forced to buy in feed again around Christmas time when it didn't rain. However, we did manage to grow some silage crops and haven't fed it out so it's nice to have something in reserve.

Our cows did us proud again this year, rearing great calves and getting back in calf despite being extremely short of feed. We weaned the Shorthorn cows at the same time as usual for higher average calf weights than last year. They picked up extremely quickly after weaning.

The Santa cows were weaned a week or two earlier than usual, they weaned big calves and had held their weight well right through milking with no supplementary feeding. If you haven't got any Santa in your cow herd already, you should!

2021 Beef Shorthorn Sale bulls

2021 Santa Gertrudis Sale bulls

Printable sale catalogue


As always, any questions, comments or for directions to the farm, please contact us.



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