2020 sale

The 2020 bull sale will be held on the Friday 26th of June. This will be a HYBRID sale, held on farm and online via bidr. Any questions about this please ask.

I can't say too much about the season we've had other than it has been the most terrible year and that's putting it mildly. To the year to end of June so far we have had half our normal yearly rainfall, that on top of a dry summer last year.

We managed to grow a couple of paddocks of silage this year, one maize and one a maize/sunflower mix which we harvested in February and were feeding out two weeks later after bridging the gap with 200 wrapped bales that we had to buy in. We have never bought hay or silage before.

Our cows did us proud again this year, rearing great calves and getting back in calf despite being extremely short of feed.

The Covid 19 has been a compounding issue for everyone, let us hope now that we have turned a corner with the virus and the weather and it is all onwards and upwards from here.

Printable online catalogue

2020 Beef Shorthorn Sale bulls

2020 Santa Gertrudis Sale bulls


As always, any questions, comments or for directions to the farm, please contact us.



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